For years, SCHAFFLERFIRE igniters have been distinguished by their excellent quality, top precision and reliability. We manufacture them on modern production lines that are constantly upgraded to remain state of the art. Before shipping, each igniter is subjected to rigorous final checks.

The wide variety of SCHAFFLERFIRE igniters enables their use in many different areas, especially blasting caps for civil, safety and defense-related applications, and stage and film pyrotechnics. 

SCHAFFLERFIRE igniters can be produced to customer order as regards the fusehead (A, FA, F, P or special types), wire length, wire colour, wire material (Cu, tin-plated Cu, Fe) and delivery form (with shipping protection, plug or sleeve).

SCHAFFLERFIRE igniters are classified per ADR as 1.4S or by UN number as 0131 or 0454. All are CE certified (EG type verification certificate 0589.PYR.2495/10 to 0589.PYR.2505/10).